Background :- The early years post Independence saw India with a 15000 kilometers long border to be secured and a vast, remote and economically backward North and North Eastern Region, with an inadequate  road communication network, to support its future development. With the advent of the Five Year Plans from 1951, the Central Government declared road development as a State subject. The roads for the Border States were forbidding challenges, needing dedicated commitment, time and money,   to open up the hinterland to the out side. The task thus was entrusted upon a Government of India organization. The mandate of the organization is  Develop & Maintain  the Operational Road Infrastructure  of General Staff in  the Border Areas. Contribute to the Socio-Economic Development of the Border States.

Task :- The department has 700 units offices located all over India. The total workforce of about 40,000 works for the Organization. The pay processing is centrally done from an office in Pune. The payroll software is written in 1985 Cobol. The pay-rules of Government  change from time to time. There are close to 200 different programs. The department felt a need for an expert who can provide active consultation and modify the source. USS due to it’s cobol expertise is selected to complete the task. The environment is MicroFocus Cobol under Fedora Linux.