Try our unique question bank created to develop cognitive and logical thinking skills in your kids. The questions focus on developing spatial, mathematical, language and memory abilities.

TestUss is one of kind product to boost your kids brainpower designed by experienced academic professionals.

What is Mental Ability?

Mental ability is the power to learn and retain knowledge. Also known as Psychometric tests, these are tools used for measuring the mind..
These mental ability tests are designed to assess intellectual potential and provide a gauge for your child’s mental flexibility and creativity in various areas i.e. analytical, numerical, logical, spatial reasoning etc.

As Albert Einstein said, “Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death”


Today’s REALITY - Fierce Competition!
The prestigious educational establishments have maintained competitive testing to select the best minds for their programs. With the increased demand for quality education, our children are facing fierce competition in their daily lives for college admission and job opportunities, be it State Scholarships, National Talent Search, OLSAT (Otis-Lennon School Ability Test), graduate and post graduate level course, or the like. PepIQ exposes the child to these concepts and tests, in a systematic manner at an early development age, to help prepare for the realistic challenges ahead.

How can I prepare? NO SWEAT – It’s Easy!

Testuss is a computer based program that has been developed by experts in the field of child education and psychology. It’s designed to be child friendly, making it easier for the little ones just learning to read through the use of graphics.

Testuss on-line tests and scoring facility makes it easy for the child to practice and improve their speed and accuracy.

Why Testuss?

Testuss is a web-portal powered by an exclusive and modern quizzing engine.
Testuss has a large question bank with questions grouped to assess varying skill levels.
Testuss incorporates in-built timers to aid in improving speed
Testuss provides real-time statistics on answered questions
Testuss provides comprehensive performance analysis and assessment of general ability many more intangible benefits. Click here to enjoy the benefits.