Conversion of music in digital format and easy access and widespread use of Internet has given rise to many websites which contain Indian Classical Music in vocal and instrumental form. Performances given by Maestros and Music Teaching Institutes run by Musicians all over the world has evoked interest in Indian Classical Music. Many foreigners have even spent years in India learning Indian Classical Music from experts.

However, in print form, information is available to a large extent in Indian Languages. Only few books or web sites are available in English or other languages.The available web sites/ books generally deal with 150-200 Ragas which are commonly heard. There are some web sites which contain audio files of Anwat“the lesser known” Ragas, but they either provide only the music or provide little theoretical information about Ragas.

The Anwat “the lesser known” Ragas are rarely presented in Conferences/ Performances. The number of Maestros who conceived, mastered and presented such Ragas is diminishing fast. Moreover, old recordings of such Ragas, available if any, are available in private Archives and on spools or cassettes which are susceptible to wear and decay thus making retrieval difficult in future. Read More